Logo Development, House of White Bridal Boutique

Project / Client

Brand Development for House of White Bridal Boutique


Bronze American Advertising Award for Logo Design


This brand development campaign was used for print materials and the website for this exclusive Bridal Boutique located in Newburgh IN.

The first step in all design begins with sketching. In the initial meeting I pulled key words from our conversation like Elegant, Clean, Crisp, Strong and Boutique. The actual Boutique was designed with black, white and gold. These colors lend very nicely to the look and “feel” described above and immediately became my focus colors for this logo design. The initial logo of any company is key in strong brand development.

Logo Sketches for Bridal Boutique brand development

Though computer technology has come a long way, I still prefer to start all brand development projects with pen and paper. I find these sketches contain just enough information to help me bring thoughts and ideas to my screen.

Logo Design for Brand Development

Using a combination of Serif and Script fonts helped give the Strong yet Elegant look I wanted for this unique bridal boutique. Using black as the primary color allows both white and gold to be wonderful accents.


After logo selection and fine tuning I was able to utilize both a black and white background to give an elegant modern spin on the design for printed materials.