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Logo Design Newburgh Bridal Boutique

Project / Client

Logo Design Newburgh Bridal Boutique, House of White Bridal


Bronze American Advertising Award for Logo Design


This logo design was used for print materials, websites, signs and other marketing material for this exclusive Bridal Boutique located in Newburgh IN.

All of my logo designs begin with a sketch and a meeting. In our initial meeting I pulled key words she used to describe the look and feel she wanted to establish for her Newburgh IN bridal boutique. During our conversation I heard things like Elegant, Clean, Crisp, Strong and Boutique. The actual Boutique was designed with black, white and gold. These colors lend very nicely to the look and “feel” described above and immediately became my focus colors for this logo design. The logo design of any company is key to strong brand development.

Logo Design Newburgh IN Bridal Boutique

Though computer technology has come a long way, I still prefer to start all brand development projects with pen and paper. I find these sketches contain just enough information to help me bring thoughts and ideas to my screen. I was able to utilize both a black and white background to give an elegant modern spin on the design for printed materials.

Envelope with Logo Design Newburgh IN Bridal Boutique

Using a combination of Serif and Script fonts helped give the Strong yet Elegant look I wanted for this unique bridal boutique. Using black as the primary color allows both white and gold to be wonderful accents.

House of White Bridal Logo Design Newburgh IN Sign

{Signage for Logo Design Newburgh Bridal Boutique }

Strong logo design is not just about looks, it’s about functionality as well. All of the logos designed by Welte Design are 100% vector. This means they can scale and print as large or small as needed. I love how their store sign turned out. Stop in downtown Newburgh IN to see it in person!

Photo Credit: House of White Bridal Boutique on Facebook

Kennel Club of Evansville Website Design

Project / Client

Kennel Club of Evansville Website Design


Content managed website designed and developed for Kennel Club of Evansville, a local private dining club. They offer a welcoming atmosphere as well as numerous events. The Kennel Club of Evansville website represents the classic and traditional environment that is enjoyed while dining inside.


Evansville Website Design Evansville IN

Kennel Club of Evansville fine dining club offers a variety of fine dining options as well as events. To help Kim Racine, general manager of The Kennel Club, focus on her patrons and event planning, I do all of the website maintenance for her. Scheduling and posting all events as well as their monthly newsletters and emails. This provides her with assurance their website is at peek performance at all times. Website maintenance, a service offered to all clients, including those with existing sites, helps clients focus on running their business. The Kennel Club of Evansville website design is classic with clean modern lines and one of my favorite clients to work with on a daily basis.

Evansville Website Design Kennel Club

We wanted to let all members and potential members know the events offered each month. This easy to read calendar view is straight forward and a great overview of what’s to come. We offer 2 additional layouts to view upcoming events. Visit the site to see for yourself!

Custom Website Design Creative Touch Floral

Project / Client

Custom Website Design Morganfield KY, Creative Touch Floral and Gifts


Custom Website design and developed for Creative Touch. These clients have such a beautiful, modern and sleek store they requested a custom website design to reflect exactly that.

Creative Touch required a completely custom design for their website. This would help them stand apart from other florist while also conveying the welcoming feel they have worked so hard to create in their store.


Custome Website Design and developed for Creative Touch F Home pg

The overall design concept for this completely custom website uses the polka dots and whimsical curves from their logo. Pulling the stripes from their awning, that welcomes you to their store, also helped bring the store to the website.

Custom website design of Creative Touch Floral pg

Creative Touch offers several seasonal arrangements but wanted to feature a select few. This unique design helps feature each piece, while giving the buyer all the information they need.

custom website design for gifts offered at Creative Touch

Creative Touch does not simply create amazing floral arrangements. They also offer an amazing variety of gifts and home decor items. To keep this website design clean and easy to read we selected a just few to feature. This also allows us to change out the seasonal lines they carry keeping the site fresh and informative!

Magazine Advertisement, Evansville Kitchen Store

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Project / Client

Magazine Advertisement Evansville Kitchen and Home Decor store


There is power in numbers! To help get the word out of their opening Thyme in the Kitchen of Evansville IN chose to do a series of magazines advertisements in Evansville Living Magazine. All together there were 3 run in the series.

Instead of running the same ad 3 times we wanted to take advantage of each audience by designing and running 3 different advertisements, each featuring a different service.

Magazine advertisement evansville kitchen items

The first of the 3 magazine advertisements features 3 groups of products they sell and host cooking classes with. I’ve also included a list of all their services. Each image was carefully selected and placed on what could be your kitchen table or a picnic table background to provide a casual elegance feel.

cooking classes for magazine advertisement

The second magazine advertizement for the Evansville Living series was designed for their bridal edition. This design was focused on providing brides with another option for gift registry! Again, maintaining the same square ad shape, black logo with ‘White’ background, to help the reader associate the ads with my client, Thyme in the Kitchen.

cooking classes for magazine advertisement

The third and final magazine advertisement for the Evansville Living series was focused on their cooking classes. This design was run in the spring so the warm kitchen backdrop with a touch of green herbs was the perfect setting. Featuring a group shot of one of their classes, I tied together their wished sentiment, All are welcome to come ’Savor Delicious Moments’ in our kitchen!

Website Design Evansville Kitchen Store

Project / Client

Website Design Evansville store, Thyme in the Kitchen


Content Managed Website developed for Thyme in the Kitchen. This kitchen store on Evansvilles’ west side is so unique in products and services I wanted to make certain we captured that ‘One of a Kind’ feel with this custom website design.


website design evansville home accent storewebsite-design-evansville-cooking-store

Thyme in the Kitchen offers a wonderful variety of Kitchen and Home Accent products we really wanted the website design to emphasize the cooking classes. To help Marcia, owner of Thyme in the Kitchen, focus on her store front, I do all of the website maintenance for her. Scheduling and posting all of the classes as well as a monthly newsletter that is sent out to all who sign up at the website and in her west side store in Evansville IN. This allows her to rest assured her website is at it’s peek performance at all times.

website design evansville class store

While the main ‘Cooking Class’ page has the title, price and brief description of each class you can still select a class to see more details as well as any other classes that may be related.

Logo Design Evansville Kitchen Store

Project / Client

Logo Design Evansville Kitchen Store, Thyme in the Kitchen


Bronze American Advertising Award for Logo Design


A strong and clean Logo design will give your company or store a clear image.

That is why I have a standard logo design process I stick with that yields accurate and effective results.

logo design Evansville kitchen store

I truly enjoy working with clients to present their brands image. This logo needed to portray elegance with a “sprig” of whimsy.

Logo design Evansville kitchen store business card

If your logo design works in black and white it will work in color, which we add later. We tried several different color combinations for the ‘TK’ logo and finally landed on green and black, with the logo always represented in full black or full green. Mixing the two together pulls away from the logo’s cohesive feel. Using this method allows full focus to be on the structure and functionality of the logo. Remember, it’s best to develop a logo that can be used any where any time.


Begin with the end in mind! Sounds simple right? Beginning a logo in the correct program and format will absolutely determine it’s usability in the future. My job is to know how and where you would like to use your final design and plan the design accordingly. If I had not started this Evansville Kitchen stores branding process correctly there is no way it would have displayed so crisply 5 feet long on a brick store front.

Bridal Boutique Blog Design Services

Project / Client

Blog Design Services for Boutique in Newburgh IN


It’s ok for your blog to stand out from your website, in fact, it’s great! Blogs are a way to present your personality to your client. This website design, as a whole, is very classic using the colors black and white with gold accents. Adding a fun pattern in the background of the blog and other tweaks to fonts and images allow it to stand out as a great place to learn about all things “Wedding”!

It’s projects like this that make me excited to offer my blog design services.

Main blog design services page

The main blog page can feature the latest post so readers are always aware of the latest news, or it can be a brief listing with enticing images to encourage more readers.

Bridal blog design post

This over all blog design is fun, light yet informative. Having and maintaining a consistent blog design has allowed Andrea to show people, before even calling, she is an expert in her field.

blog design for bridal website

It doesn’t matter your industry, we can find a way to connect with your audience and help you stand out among competition using my blog design services.

Unleash The Crete Website and Blog Design

Project / Client

Unleash The Crete


Content Managed Website developed for decorative concrete company Unleash the Crete. This site was developed to showcase the endless options of concrete. While the services are explained, the process is better understood when seen.

Catherine, president of Unleash the Crete, wanted to share her knowledge and experience through a clear and easy to navigate blog design. Busy as we all are, I offer blog services to help the promotion of businesses while my clients are out maintaining their customer base.


concrete website home page

As mentioned earlier, the possibilities for decorative concrete are endless. I used very straight forward design to showcase the images of concrete in many different settings. When designing and coding this website we wanted to make sure all services were mentioned right away. By linking each header to its appropriate description on the services page I enhanced the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and helped the reader find more information to better understand the decorative concrete process.

blog design for concrete company

This blog design is not only a way to share information, it’s a way to connect with potential customers. Having and maintaining a consistent blog lets people know, before even calling, you are educated in your field. By maintaining this blog design and posts I am able to ensure each post is optimized for the best search engine results and help to grow Catherine’s business.

website design for services page

Evansville Trucking Website, Liggon Transport

Project / Client

Website Design Evansville IN Trucking Company, Liggon Transport


Content Managed Website developed for Liggon Transport. The owner of this over the road trucking company, located in Evansville, IN., requested an open, clean website design to represent his company.

Keith requested this website design, be Evansville based, easy to navigate and read clearly along with a strong use of his businesses colors. All of these requests help with consistent brand development.


trucking website services

Using a stark white background made the navy blue and deep orange of Keith’s logo stand out. The Liggon Transport website was designed to not only be informative but we also wanted it to showcase his state of the art capabilities and diversified staff. Keith’s accomplishments have been recently locally recognized. In order to feature the Evansville Courier and Press articles, I utilized the left sidebar to feature this websites news real. This allows the information to be just a click away at all times.

trucking website job page

This trucking website features several areas of service. Keith, President of Liggon Transport, decided to feature the information in a “to the point” manner using descriptive lists, allowing the information to be clearly accessible and easily understood.

trucking website contact page

To make applying for a position within Liggon Transport easy we added a separate page strictly for drivers. When this form is filled out it is clear to the Liggon Transport staff what page it came from and who sent the information, making their employment search more efficient.

Large Format Design, Kraft Nursery & Farms

Project / Client

Large Format Design for Kraft Nursery and Farms


Large format design pieces can be used together for a powerful statement. Each piece is also designed to be used individually when needed.

Trade show advertising can be more than a simple banner draped over a table. I was approached by Kraft Nursery and Farms to develop trade show booth printing. So, deciding to take a vertical approach we decided on 5ft. retractable banners.

Keeping the same format and color throughout this large format design allows for consistency in presentation.

large format design traeger banner
large format design elpers banner
Large Format Design is a great way to feature a niche your company features that the competition may not share. Since this design is featured vertically it reaches over a crowd giving a broader variety of visibility and can be used in a range of venues.