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    If you need help designing for web/print, enhancing your SEO (search engine optimization), developing a blog, updating your website or launching a brand new one, I would love to help.

  • Q. Can you show me some of your design work?

    A. Yes, absolutely! Here is a link that will walk you through a few samples of my work. It is always a great idea to look at a few design samples. Whether it’s graphic, print, or website design, each client is different and presents an opportunity for new challenges.

    Q. What are your prices?

    A. This is a very good question. Presenting the best designed website, logo or advertising piece to my clients is top priority; however, budgets are always important. As every client is different and brings with them unique requests and goals, I provide detailed pricing for every project. Contact me and we will set up a mutually convenient time to discuss your Graphic Design and Website Design needs.

    Q. Do you follow Google webmaster guidelines?

    A. It’s not just beneficial to have a website, if it’s not seen you’re not advertising. I make it priority to be aware of the ongoing and ever changing guidelines with not only Google but also Bing, Yahoo and other search engines as well.

    Q. What is your experience?

    A. I have been designing for over a decade. In that time, I have worked for both agencies and print companies. I have the added advantage of knowing not only print design, but also front end website design and development. This means I design and code all websites produced by Welte Design. If you are building a business, it is important to be consistent. There should be a common thread throughout your logo design and business cards, print advertising and website design. Consistency in design is the key to brand recognition and connecting with your audience.