Logo Design Evansville Kitchen Store

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Logo Design Evansville Kitchen Store, Thyme in the Kitchen


Bronze American Advertising Award for Logo Design


A strong and clean Logo design will give your company or store a clear image.

That is why I have a standard logo design process I stick with that yields accurate and effective results.

logo design Evansville kitchen store

I truly enjoy working with clients to present their brands image. This logo needed to portray elegance with a “sprig” of whimsy.

Logo design Evansville kitchen store business card

If your logo design works in black and white it will work in color, which we add later. We tried several different color combinations for the ‘TK’ logo and finally landed on green and black, with the logo always represented in full black or full green. Mixing the two together pulls away from the logo’s cohesive feel. Using this method allows full focus to be on the structure and functionality of the logo. Remember, it’s best to develop a logo that can be used any where any time.


Begin with the end in mind! Sounds simple right? Beginning a logo in the correct program and format will absolutely determine it’s usability in the future. My job is to know how and where you would like to use your final design and plan the design accordingly. If I had not started this Evansville Kitchen stores branding process correctly there is no way it would have displayed so crisply 5 feet long on a brick store front.