Website Development, House of White

Project / Client

Website Design for House of White Bridal Boutique


Gold American Advertising Award for Website Design and Development


I developed a visual campaign used for print materials and incorporated in the website development of this exclusive Bridal Boutique located in Newburgh IN.  After initial launch I design for and maintain this ever-changing website to correspond with seasonal bridal collections, promotional events and content changes.

Using HTML and CSS I developed a custom designed CMS website which includes a unique blog design, detailed appointment request page and collection pages featuring their exclusive designers.

When considering your website development, consider a blog. It is one of the best ways to increase SEO {Search Engine Optimization} for any website. When regular posts are made and paired with existing SEO written content it organically promotes website ranking in Search Engines thus linking it with target clientele.


Bridal Boutique Home Page Design

To help them stand out we utilized a full page slide show on the home page. Having a slide show on the home page does not allow for much content to assist in Search Engine Optimization. This solution works for this project because of consistent updating and changes done throughout the entire site.  This consistent maintenance helps search engines know there is current and relevant information on this website allowing it to appear in the appropriate searches.

Bridal Boutique Blog Page Design

Wanting to convey a more light and whimsical feel for the blog I tweaked the design by adding large polka dots at a lower opacity. This also helps the content and images stand out.

Bridal Boutique Collections Page Design